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Gold Coated Round Coverslips (16 mm diameter) | Au-5000 Å | 48/pkg



  • Substrate: Round Coverslip (16 mm diameter)
  • Adhesion Layer: Chromium (75 Å)
  • Deposition Material: Gold (99.999 %)
  • Gold Thickness: 5000 Å
  • Pack Size: 48/pkg


Our gold (Au) material is 99.999% pure and is deposited onto Borosilicate glass coverslips (Gold Seal®) using electron beam evaporation. We use a thin layer of chromium (99.99%) as an adhesion promoter for all our coatings. All substrates are pre-cleaned using an ion source for quality assurance.

At Substrata/Angstrom Engineering, we take pride in offering high quality substrates at affordable prices.

Questions? Please email us at coatings@angstromengineering.com or call our toll free line at 1 519.894.4441.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 36 cm

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