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Palladium Coated Ø4 in Silicon Wafers | 1000 Å Pd | 3/pkg

$830.00 USD

  • Substrate: Prime Grade Ø4 in Silicon Wafers (Ø101.6 mm x 0.525 mm thick, P-Type <100>, SSP)
  • Adhesion Layer: Titanium (30 Å)
  • Deposition Material: Palladium (99.95 %)
  • Palladium Thickness: 1000 Å
  • Pack Size: 3/pkg
  • Coating Area: Single Side (polished)
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Our palladium (Pd) material is 99.95 % pure and is deposited onto p-type <100> silicon (Prime grade) using electron beam evaporation. We use a thin 2-7 nm layer of titanium (99.99 %) as an adhesion promoter for all our palladium coatings. All substrates are pre-cleaned using an ion source for quality assurance.

At Angstrom Engineering we take pride in offering high quality Substrata products and services at affordable prices.

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