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Substrata offers a full suite of copper coated glass at affordable prices.

All coatings are deposited under high vacuum using electron beam evaporation. Like silver, copper is an excellent electrical conductor but is even more abundant and affordable than precious metals making it an excellent material for microelectronics. Copper thin films are used in integrated circuits and PCBs. These films are also sensitive to oxidizing agents as well as sulfur and ammonia making it excellent for performing corrosion tests most commonly required for soldering microelectronic components.

We use a thin titanium adhesion layer (2-7 nm) between the substrate and copper coating. This adhesion layer is optional. Custom sizes and materials can also be fabricated to meet your needs.

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High quality substrates coated with 1000 Å (100 nm) of copper. All coatings include a 30 Å titanium adhesion layer between the substrate surface and the copper coating.

Product #DescriptionCoatingThicknessAdhesionUnitLead Time/StockPrice
SSCU-01000-Q10Copper Coated Microscope Slides
Cu-1000 Å | 25 mm x 75 mm x 1 mm
Copper (99.999%)Cu-1000 ÅTi-30 Å10/pkg5 days$455.00

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OrderCoatingAdhesionUnitLead Time/StockProduct #
Copper Coated Microscope Slides
Cu-1000 Å | 25 mm x 75 mm x 1 mm
Cu-1000 Å$455.00

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Copper (99.999%)Ti-30 Å10/pkg5 daysSSCU-01000-Q10

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